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The MMO has been around for over a decade. Our society is vast and most people live their lives with a vision that only applies in real life. But what is real life? In modern world, real life is different. People tend to meld with individuals or group that share the same passion. Their other interests are nowhere to be found in the group, but do exist in a virtual world. These virtual worlds can be somewhere near us or anywhere, set in any time or place.Often people see these worlds as just ‘the internet’ and that is one massive example of a virtual world, but there is more to it than that. Other people that have a strong and definitive passion for video games have another virtual world. One of these worlds happens to be Lord of the Rings Online, or LotRO, one of the foundation games for Redemption.Many of us have been playing MMOs throughout their lifetime, and have been living one of these worlds, in all of their different forms. Redemption has been born in order to fulfil those adventures and create that happiness that we have been longing for that neither exists in real life nor in other virtual worlds where you are alone. Redemption is a home for those individuals that evolve from solitude or simply just feel the need for casual interaction for the duration of their entire journey throughout these worlds, as well as those who look for an active, supportive community. Redemption is a place where one has to amend with themselves in order to be a better player and person in all of these worlds.


Prosperity, Harmony, and Stability are the fundamental principles that we always aim for in our daily activities. A foundation with strong principles can take us anywhere we want to go and help us succeed in our goals with only minor difficulties. Our community will represent these principles with utmost importance and deliver them with respect to promote good order and prosperity, in order to achieve our goals. We believe that consistency and tolerance are crucial to our actions towards reaching these goals. It complements the rest of the team but also serves our goal to induct newcomers or prospects that share the same vision.


We always welcome newcomers to join our journey to a world where we can all live in with respect, joy, and prosperity. The majority of our members have gone through a lot of experiences with different types of environment and recover from them with a better perspective. We aim to shape or attain a member that we can truly nurture with these experiences.

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New website overhaul and kinship rename.

by Aeonwen, 19 days ago

Mae govannen kinnies,

Today is a good day. In the sense that this is the day that actually I did more work than I actually do at work (j/k). Anyways, I've spent the entire night configuring and fixing the layout / design of our website. The results you can witness with your very eyes.

With this said, let me give you some more news: our guild is being renamed. Yes, that's correct, Mysticque came up with a new name that everyone loved and just couldn't say no to. The new name is "Redemption". Due to this, as you can see, our website has changed its address and name. But that's not all! You can now easily access the site via a simple URL:


Sounds awesome? You bet it does. Our teamspeak has also changed from being a bunch of numbers to a nice hostname people can easily remember:


Password and instructions on how to connect are found within the new sticky forum post I created (accessible to memebers only), so please head to that section and read up. The current status of our Teamspeak server can be seen on the left sidebar of our website.

If you have any questions/concerns, want to rant or simply need attention, please contact Mysticque or me in game.

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